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About Us

SD, as a company, have been around for almost 50 years. 10 years ago, we launched the hard surface and cosmetic repairs side of our business and now have 7 offices across the UK, with a large, very experienced team of repair technicians that can repair any type of surface.

We train all of our own people and encourage everyone to develop their depth of knowledge and establish a rewarding career with SD. We are constantly on the lookout for new products, with a drive towards ecological soundness in everything we use.

Several years ago, we recognised that our skillsets were perfectly adapted for the cruise industry, so brought on board experienced marine interiors professionals to help develop the marine sector of our business, both repairing and refitting.

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Why Is Hard Surface Repair So Important ? 


More Eco Friendly 

Repairing and not replacing reduces the amount of damage to the environment by up to 70%. 


Reduction in waste to landfill

Repairing an asset limits the waste going to landfill by more than 50%.


Reduction In Cost 

Not only does repairing has a huge impact on your carbon footprint it also saves the cruise operator money and time.

Hard Surface Repair

At SD, we have years of experience of repairing every kind of surface imaginable, and with a huge team of specialists working nationwide, we have drawn on that experience to apply to our cruise and passenger ship division. As we do shoreside, we have invested a lot of our own time on cruise ships, looking carefully at all parts of the interior, recognising where damage can occur and then developing our own methods and materials for the appropriate repair.


Scratched and chipped furniture, broken stone tops, chipped tiling and sanitaryware - there is nowhere that we can't implement a strong, aesthetically beautiful and long-lasting repair.


We have listened carefully to our clients, spend a lot of time at the major interiors shows worldwide and understand that, more and more, there is a drive for sustainability within the industry. The ethos is always repair, don’t replace. Whereas previously a worktop, a piece of furniture or a basin that was broken would be replaced, we will always look to repair. 


Our service helps our cruise clients save money while maintaining a fresh and new fell to their ships.

The team on board has worked very professionally and carefully. The communication and cooperation with crew on-site was very good.

Overall we were very satisfied with the service and result, so we are looking forward to more successful maintenance projects.

Eline Daetweiler - TUI Cruises

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