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Recycled Cardboard

Eco Sustainability

Reducing Impact

We are unbeaten when it comes to reducing your impact on the environment. Here at SD Marine we have made a pledge to explore further ways we can reduce our carbon footprint as well as helping you reduce yours ! 

So What Have We Done ?

Waste Disposal

Not only do we always look to repair and not replace but when it is not possible to  repair we dispose of all our waste in a responsible manor to continue to off set out carbon footprint.

Extending an assets life

We are experts at cosmetic repairs all of our repairs are hardy and long lasting. In some circumstances more hard wearing than the original finish, this adds years to the life span of your assets and in doing so helps you reduce your carbon footprint by up to 70%.


All materials used by us to repair surfaces are specially selected to have the least impact on the environment. This means using as many non-toxic solvents and adhesives as possible.

Why Is Hard Surface Repair So Important ? 


More Eco Friendly 

Repairing and not replacing reduces the amount of damage to the environment by up to 70%. 


Reduction in waste to landfill

Repairing an asset limits the waste going to landfill by more than 50%.


Reduction In Cost 

Not only does repairing has a huge impact on your carbon footprint it also saves the cruise operator money and time.

Read More About Hard Surface Repair By Clicking The Button Below 

" Waste isn't waste until it's Wasted "

~ Greta Thunberg

On Average A 70% Reduction In Carbon Footprint When Compared To Replacement 

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